Forest Anderson
Game and Software Developer
Developer at Timsle
Forest Anderson
I'm a 4th (6th) year computer science student at Carleton University, with honours in Game Development. I have done research at Carleton in the field of image processing. Some topics I'm interested in include game development, graphics, and security.

Currently, I'm a member of the Rust Gamedev Working group. I also co-host the Rust Gamedev Podcast, and run a monthly Rust Gamedev Meetup.

I co-lead the Lame Jam, a game jam at Carleton University. I co-lead Hack All The Things, an Ottawa-based security competition. I was an executive member of the Carleton Computer Science Society for four years.
  • Extracurriculars
  • Meta lead of the Veloren project
  • Member of the Rust Gamedev Working Group
  • Co-lead of the Rust Gamedev Podcast
  • Co-lead of Hack All the Things Ottawa
  • Co-lead of the Carleton Lame Jam
Recent Projects
Game Dev
Jupyter Notebook Cluster
September 2020
Jupyter, Traefik, OpenStack, Prometheus
  • - Deployed Jupyter to servers to be used for first year computer science tutorials
  • - Monitored server performance with Prometheus and Grafana
Discrete Math Center
August 2020
Docker, Traefik, OpenStack
  • - Deployed suite of websites created by the Carleton Computer Science Society to the School of Computer Science OpenStack cluster
  • - Designed sustainable architecture-from-code to keep software running and maintainable
Create Envfile
August 2019
Python, Docker
  • - A Github Action to pull environments from Github secrets and create an envfile
  • - Uses a Python script to build the file, runs in a Docker container
Miracle Merchant AI
Spring 2018
Python, Jupyter Notebook, Plotly
  • - An AI created for the mobile game "Miracle Merchant"
  • - Created in Python with data visualization done using Plotly and Jupyter Notebook
  • - Wrote a paper detailing my method and results
CUHacking App
Fall 2017
Ruby on Rails, Android Studio, Heroku
  • - Created for Carleton’s Hackathon. It will help participants navigate around the university as well as stay in contact with the organizers
  • - Created and managed the database, which was built with Ruby On Rails. The database is stored on Heroku
  • - Worked as the backend developer on a four-person team
Daemonic Sword Website
Fall 2017
  • - Designed the new website
  • - Refactored the layout of the website
  • - Removed outdated information
Course Selection Tool
Summer 2017
Flask, Ruby, Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS, MongoDB, AWS
  • - A tool that allows students to create timetables for courses more easily
  • - Students can seach for courses using an autocomplete searchbox
  • - Sample timetables can be made and easily changed
A Loss for Words
Global Game Jam January 2021

A Loss For Words is a text-adventure inspired narrative puzzle game, with a twist. Start your journey as the unknown scholar, running for your life from unseen forces. As you enter the temple, your mind wanders, and you begin inexplicably losing time.
Transit Panic
Global Game Jam January 2020

You're in charge of a city's dilapidated transit team. You've been tasked with making it reasonably usable. How hard can it be?
Global Game Jam January 2019

In everyday life, you have to do a lot of tasks. Cleaning your room, taking a bath, and feeding your cat to name a few. But what about when you start slacking on these tasks?
Red Pigeon Rising
January 2018
  • - Built in Godot for the 2018 Global Game Jam
Forces Divided
Spring 2018
Unity, C#
  • - An RTS game build in Unity
  • - Worked on game mechanics and managing the 3-person team
Operation Skullrain
Fall 2017
C++, OpenGL
  • - A helicopter shooter themed game built outside of an engine
  • - Worked on a three-person development team
  • - Worked on the game mechanics as well as integrating the models and their physics
Light Out
January 2017
Godot, GDScript
  • - Created for the Global Game Jam 2017
  • - Worked on a three-person development team
  • - Worked on the game mechanics and graphics
Pebble Mosaic
Summer 2016
C++, OpenCV
  • - Created a pebble mosaic filter for digital photos
  • - Written in C++, made use of OpenCV to manage and process the images
Jan 2016
Superpowers, Typescript
  • - Created for the Global Game Jam 2016
  • - Worked on a five-person development team
  • - Worked on the game physics and design
Blox Heroes
August 2011

A project that I started in high school. Created a 3D game where two players could play tag.
July 2018
Backend Developer
  • - Migrated the backend stack to a new datacenter
  • - Added new functionality to the Django backend
  • - Integrated services that provided a platform to horizontally scale
  • Scholarpro
    December 2017
    Febuary 2018
    Backend Developer
  • - Worked on a website to match students with applicable scholarships
  • - Used the Meteor framework for Node.js to build a prototype
  • - Created and managed a MongoDB database that held the scholarships
  • Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
    June 2017
    August 2017
    Summer Research Student
  • - Worked with the Pathology lab to create cross sections of procedurally generated models of the placenta
  • - Used OpenGL and C++ to create the cross sections
  • Graphics, Imaging, and Games Lab
    May 2016
    August 2016
    Dean’s Summer Research Internship Student
  • - Created a pebble mosaic filter for digital photos
  • - Written in C++, made use of OpenCV to manage and process the images
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